Miswak is a ‘teeth cleaning twig’ or ‘Datun’; a tool which is made from a twig of a tree.

There are a lot of recent scientific discoveries that are already been proven by the Holy Book of Allah (The One and Only) i.e. Quran Al-Kareem which was revealed almost 1400 years ago.

This teeth cleaning twig is widely used by the followers of Islam or in Muslim Community as Sunnah of our most beloved Prophet Mohammed(SAW). It just went viral in the western world because of it’s natural and herbal benefits without any side-effects.

It is been advertised as following;

Miswak is also known by other names such as Siwak/Sewak, Arak in Arabic, Koyoji in Japanese, Qesam in Hebrew, Qisa in Aramaic and Mastic in Latin. It is generally available in all Muslim Countries and Muslim Communities in this common packaging.

A common packaging of Miswak.

However, in modern western world it can be found in more lure packaging as below;

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